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With our founders background  predominately being in the  new homes industry, as a Sales and Marketing director, at your property partners  we know what it takes and fully understand, how to manage and promote new homes and developments, from knowledge of industry changes, adding value to your development  having a network of contacts giving access to the tools to help make your development successful with additional product and services, that a high street Agent may not have.

We believe in helping everyone achieve the sale or purchase they deserve; that includes supporting developers in creating new communities building their brand & dream homes.

Our dedicated new homes Partners  available to support small to medium-sized land owners and private local or regional developers. Either by assisting them on a referral basis only, staffing and manning developments. Helping you with the tail end sites with the last remaining homes, reduce your cost and utilise your staff for your next and new development knowing you’re in save hands.

As an independent business, our aim to deliver a warm, friendly professional and years of experience, which puts our customers and developers at the heart of everything we do with the “all inclusive” customer focused experience approach to selling homes.

Our dedicated New Homes Partner will provide a tailored made service to tell the story of your development from the very first chapter until the happily ever after.

Partnership reputation is built on local knowledge, community spirit and passionate professionalism.

Our new homes partners are  ready to support you at any point; from land acquisition, to planning permission applications and marketing. We understand every client has different requirements and that why at Your Property partners  we offer a bespoke tailor made service that works as an extension of your business without having the overhead .

Innovative marketing

Our dedicated marketing team take the time to get to know you and your development, drawing up a bespoke marketing strategy in line with your project. From concept to creation, our marketeers will continue to work closely with our property specialists, photography and videography crew - and you!

Our multimedia approach to marketing covers everything you needed to put your properties in front of the right people.

From the high quality digitally marketing collateral through to  bespoke brochures, to professionally photography & videography, press coverage and multi-platform social media campaigns.

We want to capture exactly what makes your development unique and help build your brand and reputation .

From concept to creation, our marketeers will continue to work closely with our property specialists, photography and videography crew - and you!

Unlocking Success in New Home Developments

At Your Property Partners, our founder brings a wealth of experience from the new homes industry. As a seasoned Sales and Marketing director, we understand the intricate dance required to manage and promote new homes and developments. Let us guide you through the journey, armed with industry insights, valuable connections, and the tools necessary for your project's success.

Our Commitment

1. Empowering Developers: We believe in empowering everyone to achieve their real estate goals. For developers, this means creating new communities and building dream homes. Whether you're a small landowner or a regional developer, we're here to support you.

2. Tailored Solutions: Our dedicated new homes Partners offers personalised services. From referral assistance to staffing and development management, we adapt to your unique needs.

3. Independent Approach: As an independent business, we prioritize warmth, friendliness, and customer-centric experiences. You and your development take centre stage in everything we do.

Your Bespoke Solution

At Your Property Partners, we offer a bespoke, tailor-made service that seamlessly integrates with your business. No unnecessary overhead—just results.

Let's build something remarkable together. Contact us today!

At Your Property Partners, we have a number of partners,  individuals looking for singular building plots through to developers looking for land opportunities.

So, if  you own or know of potential residential development land, refurbishment, or urban regeneration opportunities. From 1 to 200 units, of any size within the Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk locations, They will consider with or without planning permission & Joint venture projects too.

Please get in touch for a confidential conversation.

Have Land to Sell?

Register for Land Alerts

We have a number of Partners available to assist from local planning consultants, architects  and building contractors her for you every step of the way for your project.

Have land identified?  Need help………… we can provide market research reports & bespoke marketing strategies with current and new opportunities!  

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